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The images below link to detailed pages on the most important museums in Assisi/

Museo Civico

The entrance in Via Portica leads to the first room of the museum, in the crypt of San Nicolò di Piazza.  A passage then leads into a further exhibition space in the excavated area under Piazza del Comune, the site of the Roman forum.

Museo Diocesano

The Museo Diocesano is housed in the Casa dei Canonici, in Piazza San Rufino (to the right of San Rufino).

Museo della Portiuncula

The Museo della Portiuncula is reached from the right transept of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Museo dell’ Abbazia di San Pietro

This museum is housed in the Abbazia di San Pietro and includes the crypt of the church.

Museo del Tesoro di San Francesco

This museum, which exhibits works of art from San Francesco, is in the Sacro Convento, which is reached from the lower church.

Pinacoteca Comunale

The Pinacoteca Comunale re-opened in Palazzo Vallemani, 12 Via San Francesco in 2007. 

Other Museums

Information on two other museums in Assisi is available from the following pages on the website of Musei Ecclesiastici Umbri: 

  1. Galleria d' Arte Contemporanea della Pro Civitate Christiana;

  2. Museo Pericle Fazzini, which is devoted to the sculpture of Pericle Fazzini (died  1987); and

  3. Museo degli Indios dell'Amazzonia.

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