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Rutilio Manetti worked mostly in his native Siena.


Flight into Egypt (1634)

This altarpiece from Santa Maria Nuova, which is signed by Rutilio Manetti and dated by inscription, is now in the Pinacoteca Civica.  

Panels (1630)

The altarpiece of the Martyrdom of St Bartholomew in the 1st chapel on the right in San Pietro is signed “RUT. MA” (Rutilio Manetti).  Two smaller panels in this chapel, which depict St Onofrius and St Francis, are attributed to him.

St Peter Martyr (17th century)

This altarpiece in the Museo Diocesano, which came from San Domenico, is attributed to Rutilio Manetti.

St Francis di Paola (17th century)

This altarpiece in Santa Maria della Piaggiola (on the 1st altar on the left) is attributed to Rutilio Manetti.

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Rutilio Manetti (1571- 1639) 

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