Key to Umbria: Perugia

This was the site of the small Edicola della Madonna della Pace,, which housed a miraculous image of the Madonna (below).  A community of hermits lived beside it from the mid 15th century.  The Confraternita di San Sebastiano e Rocco acquired the site in 1484, and subsequently built this church.    It became a parish church when the nearby church of Sant’ Elisabetta was demolished in 1903.

Madonna della Pace (15th century)

This detached fresco of the Madonna and Child is in the aedicule over the high altar, protected by a grill that extends across the width of the church.  It is the miraculous image for which the church was built.

Scenes from the Lives of SS Sebastian and Roch (1667)


                          St Roch cures a plague  victim              Martyrdom of St Sebastian

These frescoes on the walls, which are dated by an inscription under a miracle of St Roch, were recorded in 1736 as the work of Pietro Montanini.  The attribution is supported on stylistic grounds and by the fact that he belonged to the confraternity that owned this church. 

SS Onuphrius and John the Baptist (ca. 1667)

These frescoes on the arch leading to the chapel on the right, which are attributed to Pietro Montanini, depict the standing saints as hermits.

St Onuphrius and Scenes from his Life (1672)

This panel, which is dated by inscription, depicts the standing hermit saint surrounded by 14 scenes from his life.  It came from an altar in Sant’ Elisabetta that belonged to the Collegio dei Tintori (dyers’ guild), whose patron saint was St Onuphrius.  It is now in the sacristy of SS Sebastiano e Rocco.  It is attributed to Pietro Montanini on stylistic grounds, not least because of its similarity to a painting of this saint by Montanini in SS Sebastiano e Rocco (above).

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SS Sebastiano e Rocco (early 16th century)

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