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Oratorio dei SS Simone e Fiorenzo

(16th century)

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This oratory (on the right above) was established by two flagellant confraternities that merged in 1571: 

  1. the Confraternita di San Fiorenzo, which was established before 1337 near the church of San Fiorenzo; and 

  2. the Confraternita di San Simone, which was first documented in 1371 and associated with the nearby church of San Simone del Carmine (on the left above). 

By the 16th century, the confraternity had been given the right to carry the Gonfalone di San Fiorenzo (1476) in San Fiorenzo, which was taken in procession during times of plague.  They still performed this function as late as the 17th century, notwithstanding the poor condition of the banner.  By the early 19th century, they had become the official custodians of the banner and, in 1807, they moved it to a new altar that they constructed in the right transept of San Fiorenzo.  It was moved from this altar to the Museo Capitolare (Room 18) in 2006.


The oratory is in the form of a simple rectangular room with a barrel vault.  It is dominated by the grandiose frame of the altarpiece on the altar wall.

Madonna and Child with saints (1674)

The altarpiece was documented in the 18th century, with an attribution to Pietro Montanini and the date of 1674.  It depicts the Madonna and Child with SS Jerome, Catherine of Alexandria and Simon Stock.

Art from the Oratory 

Christ, the Virgin and saints (1489)

This panel, which is signed by Ludovico di Angelo and dated, is his only known signed work.  It was first recorded in the late 18th century in the sacristy, although there is nothing in its iconography to suggest that it was commissioned for this oratory.  It moved to the Duomo in 1863 and is now in the Museo Capitolare.

The altarpiece depicts five standing figures in front of a rectangular tabernacle set in a landscape:

  1. Christ blessing, at the centre;

  2. the Virgin and St Antony Abbot to the left; and

  3. SS Jerome and Francis to the right.

Read more:

G. Casagrande, “Penitenti e Disciplinati a Perugia e loro Rapporti con gli Ordini Mendicanti”, Mélanges de l' Ecole Francaise de Rome", 89 (1977) 431-44

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