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Giuseppe Laudati was born in Corciano, to a family that also enjoyed citizenship of Perugia.  he trained in Perugia under Pietro Montanini, and then studied in Rome.  Eleven of his works survive in Corciano, including eight in the Museo della Pievania “Giuseppe Laudati” there.


Works in San Domenico

Resurrection (1718)

This panel by Giuseppe Laudati on the right wall of the Cappella di San Lorenzo, San Domenico came from the Cappella del Rosario there.  It is based on a panel (1593) by Annibale Carracci in San Francesco, Bologna.

St Pius V and the Polish Ambassador (ca. 1730)

The panel on the altar of the Cappella di San Pio in San Domenico is by Giuseppe Laudati.  It depicts Pope Pius V placing dust from the site of the Circus of Nero into a handkerchief offered by his companion, the Polish ambassador.   When the ambassador later opened the cloth, the dust had been transformed into the blood of martyrs.

Panels in Cappella di Santa Rosa da Lima (ca. 1730)


                                       Mystical marriage of                       Mystical marriage of

                                           St Rose of Lima                              St Catherine of Siena                            

Two panels in the Cappella di Santa Rosa da Lima in San Domenico are by Giuseppe Laudati:

  1. the mystical marriage of St Rose of Lima (on the altar); and

  2. the mystical marriage of St Catherine of Siena (on the right wall).

The painter of another panel of mystical marriage of St Rose of Lima on the left wall is unknown: it is dated by inscription to 1739, two years after the death of Giuseppe Laudati.

Virgin and Saints (ca. 1700)

This altarpiece by Giuseppe Laudati on the high altar of San Giovanni di Dio (the church of the Ospedale di San Nicolò degli Incurabili) depicts the Virgin with St John the Evangelist.  The Virgin holds a crown of thorns over the head of St John of God, who kneel before an altar.

Scenes from the Life of St Bernard (ca. 1700)

These two large panels, which originally flanked the high altar of the church of Santa Giuliana, are attributed to Giuseppe Laudati.  They depict:

  1. St Bernard visited by his sister, Humbeline (after which she gave up her worldly life and obtained her husband’s permission to become a nun); and

  2. St Stephen Abbot welcoming St Bernard to Citeaux in 1113.

The panels have recently been restored and are now in the corridor above the cloister of the ex-nunnery.

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Giuseppe Laudati (1669-1737) 

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