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Paolo Gismondi (died 1685)

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Paolo Gismondi in:  Perugia

Paolo Gismondi, who was born in Perugia, trained under Giovanni Antonio Scaramuccia before moving to Rome.  He became established there with the  frescoes (1633-6) in Santa Agata dei Goti that he executed for Cardinal Francesco Barberini, and was enrolled in the Accademia di S. Luca in 1641.  He spent most of his career in Rome, and was probably there when he died.

Paolo Gisimondi’s work in Umbria was mostly in his native Perugia.  He also executed two panels (1660) in the Santuario della Madonna dei Bagni, near Deruta:

  1. SS Antony of Padua and Thomas of Villanova (which is signed and dated by inscription); and

  2. St Benedict in glory.


St Antony Abbot (ca. 1650)

This altarpiece on the altar on the left wall of Sant’ Antonio Abate is by Paolo Gismondi. 

SS Francis and Louis of Toulouse (ca. 1665)

These panels to the sides of the altar of the Oratorio di Sant’ Francesco are by Paolo Gismondi.

Birth of the Virgin (ca. 1665)

This lunette-shaped panel on the right wall of the Oratorio degli Artisti in the Chiesa del Gesù is by Paolo Gismondi.

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