Key to Umbria: Perugia

This gallery is housed in the upper floor rooms around the cloister of the Abbazia di San Pietro (with its entrance on the left as you enter the cloister from Borgo XX Giugno).  It exhibits much of the art collection that the Fondazione per l’ Istruzione Agraria inherited when it took over the abbey in 1890, in addition to works of art from the its church.

SS Benedict and Rufinus (1492)


                                                            St Benedict              St Rufinus of Amandola

These two small panels at the beginning of the west wall of the cloister have recently been related to payments made by the monks of San Pietro in 1491-2 to Ludovico d’ Angelo

Each panel is now in a gold-figured frame that probably dates to the 17th century.  St Rufinus, who is depicted here as a young man in armour, is the saint whose relics are preserved in the crypt of the Benedictine Abbazia di San Rufino e Vitale at Amandola, Marche.  Before the link with the documents mentioned above was made, this saint was often thought to be either St Michael or St George.

Panels by Sassoferrato (17th century)


These three panels by Giovan Battista Salvi, il Sassoferrato depict:

  1. St Agnes;

  2. St Barbara; and

  3. the penitent St Mary Magdalene.


Galleria Tesori d’Arte

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