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Ippolito Borghesi (died 1627)

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Ippolito Borghesi in: Perugia 

Ippolito Borghesi, who was born in Sigillo, near Perugia, trained in Rome and then worked mainly in Naples.


Ascension (ca. 1610)

This altarpiece from the collection of Amilcare Mignini, which is attributed to Ippolito Borghesi, is now the Galleria Nazionale.

Assumption of the Virgin (1620)

The jurist Pierantonio Ghiberti commissioned this altarpiece from Ippolito Borghese for the Cappella di San Francesco, which he had established to the left of the presbytery of the Duomo.

Deposition (17th century)

This panel, which seems to have been painted in Naples, is attributed to Ippolito Borghesi.  It entered the Collection of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia in 1998 and was restored shortly thereafter. 

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