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Otricoli has had three incarnations:

  1. The Umbrian settlement of Ocar or Ukar occupied the site of the present town from at least the 7th century BC until the early 1st century BC, when the Romans destroyed it. 

  2. A new Roman city known as Ocriculum emerged banks of the Tiber, close to Via Flaminia, to the south of the present town.  It is documented as an independent diocese in the period 487 - 601, but was abandoned soon after. 

  3. At this point, the inhabitants returned to the fortified site of Ocar, where they built what is now Otricoli. 

The easiest way to arrive is by bus from Terni or Narni. Remember that there are no buses on Sundays. 

The Museo Antiquarium Casale San Fulgenzio and the Antiquarium Comunale only open on Saturdays:

  1. April - September:     10:00-12:30 and 17:00-19:30

  2. October - March:         14:30-16:30.

See this website on the exhibition (2010) “Il Tevere a Otricoli: Vita e fede sulle Rive del Fiume”.

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