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St Crispin of Viterbo (23rd May)

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Pietro Fioretti (1668 - 1750) became a Capuchin lay brother in his native Viterbo, taking the name Crispino.  He moved to the Convento dei Cappuccini outside Orvieto in 1709 and remained for some 40 years.  He was selfless in tending the sick and highly respected by the people of the city.  Despite this, he devoted himself to menial tasks and called himself "the donkey of the Capuchins".  He died in the Convento di Santa Maria della Concezione, Rome, and his tomb survives in a chapel of the church.

He was canonised in 1982 and his relics were taken to the Chiesa dei Cappuccini, Viterbo in 1983.

The Convento dei Cappuccini at Orvieto is now dedicated to him.

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