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Walks around Orvieto

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This site describes four walks in and around Orvieto:

  1. Walk I: From Piazza del Duomo to San Francesco;

  2. Walk II: From Piazza della Repubblica;

  3. Walk III: From Piazza del Popolo; and

  4. Walk IV: From Piazza del Repubblica to the Outskirts of the City.

Alternative to Walk IV

An alternative to Walk IV involves a shorter hike around the Anello della Rupe (ring around the cliff).  Follow Walk IV as far as Porta Maggiore, turn right past the church of the Madonna del Velo (Access Point 1) and continue along the path in the clockwise direction.  The major points of interest are clearly signed.  At the end of Strada del Salto del Livio, in the car park at Foro Boario (Access Point 5), you have a choice of the lift or the escalator up to Piazza Ranieri, where you can end the walk.

This shorter alternative offers signed detours to the necropolis of the Crocifisso del Tufo and the necropolis and temple of Cannicella.  There are then lovely views of the Abbazia dei SS Severo e Martirio.  From the end of Strada del Salto del Livio, you can also see: the Convento dei Cappuccini; the line of the medieval aqueduct; the site of the excavations at Campo della Fiera; and the closed church of San Lorenzo delle Vigne.

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