Key to Umbria: Orvieto

Santa Maria della Fonte (1490-9)

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This church was built next to a fountain to house a venerated fresco (14th century) of the Madonna and Child.  The foundation stone was laid in 1490, and work was completed in 1499.  Pope Urban VIII ordered the destruction of the church in 1641, despite the objections of the people, in order to make way for defensive structures to protect Porta Maggiore during the War of Castro (1641-4).


The bastion that replaced the church survives.  So too do the vestiges of the fountain. 

The fragmentary inscription above the remains of the fountain records that Aloysius Danielli restored it in 1764.

Art From the Church

Madonna della Fonte (14th century)

When Santa Maria della Fonte was demolished in 1644, this venerated image was taken to San Giovanni Evangelista

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