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Filippo Naldini (died 1782)

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Filippo Naldino in:  Orvieto

Filippo Naldini, who was probably born in Orvieto, was a follower of Ludovico Mazzanti.

Panels in San Francesco (ca. 1773)

The Saracinelli family commissioned three panels in the presbytery of San Francesco from Ludovico Mazzanti during his stay in Orvieto in 1757-68.  However, he effectively retired in 1762, and the works  are attributed to Filippo Naldini and other followers.  They depict:

  1. the [vision of St Gregory IX];

  2. the stigmatisation of St Francis; and

  3. the Virgin offers the baby Jesus to [St Antony of Padua], with [St Nicholas] below, which includes the Saracinelli arms.

Two other panels in San Francesco that are attributed to Filippo Naldini:

  1. The panel of St Joseph of Copertino (who had been canonised in 1767) on the 1st altar on the right bears the arms of the Pollidori family.

  2. The panel of the death of St Joseph, which is between the 2nd and 3rd altars on the right, [is dated by inscription to 1773].

Holy Family (late 18th century) 

This highly venerated image altarpiece on the high altar of San Giuseppe is attributed to Filippo Naldini.

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