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The crypt under the Tribune can be visited.   Walk through the gate in the wall to the left of the Duomo and follow the path round the Cappella del Corporale to the entrance.

This space was created in ca. 1335, after the demolition of the original semi-circular apse and the ancient crypt beneath it.  The new space was originally reached by two staircases that led down from the tribune above.  In 1357, it was adapted as a burial place, primarily for bishops.   The staircases were closed during the remodelling of the canons' choir in 1536.

The relics visible under the high altar belong to [Bishop Felice of Orvieto ??]

[Traces of the earlier apse] .

Frescoes on the Back Wall (1380)

The central fresco of the Crucifixion is signed by Cola Petruccioli and dated by inscription. 

The frescoes to the sides (illustrated above) depict SS Brictius and Constantius, each of whom leads a group of kneeling brothers [of the Compagnia del Corpus Christi ??]. 

Bearded Saints (14th century)

This damaged fresco of two bearded saints is on the left wall. 

Annunciation and Saints (14th century)

This fresco, which is on the wall of the room under the arch on the right wall, depicts:

  1. St Agnes;

  2. St Catherine of Alexander; and

  3. the figures of the Annunciation.