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San Filippo Neri (1705)

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A congregation of Oratorian Fathers moved to Montefalco in 1697, when they acquired the church of  Santa Maria dei Laici.  They built a new church in Piazza del Comune in 1705.   It was deconsecrated in 1860. 

Plaques were inserted into the facade in 1869 in commemoration of:

  1. Giuseppe Garibaldi; and

  2. the soldiers who died in the Battle of Mentana (1867), during Garibaldi’s unsuccessful attempt to incorporate Rome into the new Kingdom of Italy.

The church housed the civic art collection in 1871-95.  It was then adapted as a theatre.  It is now usually closed.

Art from the Church

Vision of St Philip Neri (ca. 1713)

This panel was a documented in the church during the pastoral visit of 1713 as the work of the Bolognese artist and writer Giampietro Zanotti.  It is now on the counter-facade of Santa Maria di Turrita.

Assumption of the Virgin (18th century)

This altarpiece by Antonio Maria Garbi is now in the Pinacoteca.

It is a faithful copy of an altarpiece (1637) by Guido Reni from San Filippo Neri, Perugia, which is now in the Musée des Beaux Arts, Lyon.

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