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You can reach Montefalco by bus from Foligno or Bevagna.


I have not stayed in Montefalco yet.  The following hotels are well reviewed:

  1. Villa Pambuffetti (0742 378823), which also apparently has an excellent conservatory restaurant;

  2. Hotel Palazzo Bontadosi, Piazza del Comune; and

  3. Casa Cardinale.


I ate some time ago in the venerable Ristorante Coccorone, Via Fabbri (0742 379 535) and enjoyed it.

On my last trip (April 2010), I found two other excellent places for lunch:

  1. Enocoteca l’ Alchemista, 14 Piazza del Comune 14, (0742.378558); and

  2. Spirito Divino, Corso Goffredo Mameli (in Piazza Mustafà), which also apparently does B&B.

The following also looked interesting:

  1. Oleum, 55 Corso Goffredo Mameli (0742 379057), a delicatessen which serves sampler dishes;

  2. Enoteca Federico II, Piazza del Comune (0742 378 902);

  3. Enoteca San Francesco, Via Ringhieraumbra (393 602 4611), directly opposite the museum;

  4. Il Falisco, Via XX Settembre (0742 379 160); and

  5. Il Verziere, 22 Corso Goffredo Mameli (0742 379166)


I only tried one, and it was fine: Caffè del Corso, 63 Corso Goffredo Mameli.  The newsagent opposite sells English newspapers.


Montefalco is at the heart of a region that is renowned for the production of wine from the Sagrantino grape.  The local wine cellars are listed in the website of the Associazione Strada del Sagrantino.

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