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Febo Melanzio (died 1554)

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Febo Melanzio in:   Montefalco   Spello

Febo was the nephew and associate of Francesco Melanzio.  


Frescoes (1515)

These frescoes in the 3rd chapel on the right of Sant’ Illuminata are signed by febo’s uncle, Francesco Melanzio and dated by inscription.  Febo was recorded with Francesco in a document notarised in the cloister of Sant’ Illuminata in 1515, which suggests that he might also have worked on these frescoes.  They depict:
  1. the Madonna and Child enthroned;

  2. SS Sebastian and Laurence, on the left;

  3. SS Jerome and Antony Abbot, on the right; and

  4. the the Resurrection, in the dome.

Madonna del Soccorso (1537)

This  fresco on the left wall of Santa Maria di Turrita, which is dated by inscription, is attributed to Febo Melanzio.


Cartoons (1532)

Surviving documents record that Febo Melanzio provided cartoons for the inlaid choir stalls (1530-4) in the apse of San Lorenzo, which were carved by Andrea Campano da Modena.  They depict (among other things) the important churches of Spello.

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