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San Felice (15th century)

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The photographs on this page are from the website

of the Commune of Massa Martana

According to tradition, St Felix of Civitas Martana was buried near the first church on this site, which was then in an isolated position outside Civitas Martana.  The relics seem to have been preserved here until the early 6th century, when Bishop John of Spoleto translated them to San Felice di Giano, presumably when Civitas Martana was destroyed.  (For the historical context, see the page on Early Christian Civitas Martana).

The church was rebuilt in the 15th century and heavily restored after the bombardment of the Second World War.

Cardinal Barberini commissioned the present campanile (1637).


The interior is in the form of a single nave with a barrel vault and a series of arcades sprung from pilasters in the side walls.

[Baroque high altar]

Madonna and Child with Saints (15th century)

This fresco [where ??] depicts the Madonna and Child enthroned with SS Sebastian and Bernardino of Siena.

Frescoes (16th century)

These frescoes in niches on the left wall depict:

  1. the Crucifixion; and

  2. the Madonna and Child enthroned with SS Roch and Ambrose.

Madonna and Saints (1723)

This altarpiece on the high altar is by Giacinto Boccanera.  It depicts the Virgin holding the consecrated host, with the Blessed Roger of Todi and SS Felix, Rita and Pius V.

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