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Giovanni da Gubbio (12th century)

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Giovanni da Gubbio is known from an inscription that records his role in the construction of the Duomo of Assisi (below).  No works by him are known in his native city.


San Rufino (1140 - 1253)

An inscription on the external wall of the right apsidal chapel of the Duomo of San Rufino records that Prior Raniero commissioned the new church in 1140 from “Eugubin(us) et Ioannes”, Giovanni da Gubbio.  Unfortunately, Giovanni did not live to see the church completed: it was still unfinished in 121o and not consecrated until 1253.

Santa Maria Maggiore (1162-1216)

The ancient church of Santa Maria Maggiore (the original Duomo of Assisi) was largely rebuilt during the late 12th century.  An inscription on the rose window apparently records that “Iohannes” (perhaps Giovanni da Gubbio) built the facade in 1162.  (An inscription in the apse records that this part of the church was built in 1216).

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