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Camilla Filicchi (1771 - 1848)

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Camilla Filicchi inGubbio

Camilla Filicchi was born in Gubbio to a rich family of merchants. 


Stigmatisation of St Francis (1816)

This altarpiece, which is by/attributed to Camilla Filicchi, is in Sant’ Ubaldo [where ??].  It is set in the rocky landscape of La Verna: two angels support St Francis as he prays before a crucifix as a seraph inflicts the stigmata.   [Dated by inscription ?]

Works in San Giovanni Battista

The following works by or attributed to Camilla Filicchi are in San Giovanni Battista:

Panels (1830)

These tall panels by Camilla Filicchi, which were stolen from the church in 1971, were subsequently recovered and are to the sides of the baptistery.  The name of the artist and the date are recorded on the back of one of them.  The panels depict:

  1. St Elizabeth and the young St John the Baptist (in which the figures are based on those of the Virgin and baby Jesus  in the altarpiece(1634) by Rutilio Manetti of the Flight to Egypt, which was painted for Santa Maria Nuova and which is now in the Pinacoteca Civica); and   

  2. St Ubaldus beside an altar upon which stands the reliquary of the finger of St John the Baptist.   This reliquary, which was documented in the sacristy of the Duomo in 1885, no longer survives.  It was apparently signed by Andreas Stafilio da Norcia and dated by inscription to 1349.

Annunciation (19th century)

This altarpiece, which is attributed to Camilla Filicchi, is on the 2nd altar on the left.  It came from the deposit of the Duomo, but its earlier provenance is unknown.  It was installed in its present location in 1980, when its upper part was cut to fit the existing cornice.

God the Father (ca. 1830)

This panel, which is by/ attributed to Camilla Filicchi, is now in the baptistery (high up on the back wall). 

St Philomena (ca. 1830)

This panel, which is by/ attributed to Camilla Filicchi, is in the sacristy.

Panel (19th century)

This panel on the wall of the stairs that lead to the crypt of the Duomo, which is attributed to Camilla Filicchi, depicts the patron saints of Gubbio entrusting the city to the protection of the Virgin.

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