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Federico Brunori (1566-1649)

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Federico Brunori in: Gubbio. 

Text on Federico Brunori.


Immaculate Conception (1596)

This panel in the Monastero delle Cappuccine, [which is dated by inscription ??], is alternatively attributed to Virgilio Nucci or Federico Brunori.

Ecce Homo (1597)

This panel in San Giovanni Decollato (on the altar on the left) is signed by Federico Brunori and dated by inscription.  It is his earliest securely attributed work.

SS John the Baptist and Ubaldus (ca. 161o)

These frescoes in San Domenico (in the 6th chapel on the left) are attributed to Federico Brunori.

St Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio (1612)

This fresco of St Francis and the wolf in Piazza Grande, which is dated by inscription, is in situ on the entrance wall of the Sala dell' Udienza of Palazzo dei Consoli (now Room V of the Pinacotecta Comunale).  It is attributed to Federico Brunori.   It shows St Francis with the pacified wolf preaching in front of Palazzo dei Consoli.  The scenes to the sides of the inscription depict two episodes relating to the provision of a new habit by Federico Spadalonga

  1. the purchase of the fabric; and

  2. the manufacture of the habit.

Immaculate Virgin and saints (1645)

The Confraternita del Suffragio commissioned this banner from the aged Federico Brunori  and Bishop Alessandro Sperelli blessed it before it was taken in procession to the church of Santa Maria del Suffragio.   It depicts the Immaculate Virgin in glory.  SS Mark and John the Evangelist below flank a depiction of souls in Purgatory, in which SS Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael identify the saved.  The banner is now used as the altarpiece of the second altar on the left.

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