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Annibale Beni (1764-1845)

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Annibale Beni in: Gubbio. 

Annibale Beni, who was born in Gubbio, established his career in Rome, before returning to his native city in 1816.


Blessed Arcangelo in prayer (1797)

The canons of the Eremo di Sant’ Ambrogio commissioned this altarpiece for the high altar from Annibale Beni, who painted it in Rome.   It depicts the Blessed Arcangelo Canetoli, whose relics had been translated to the high altar in 1760.

Blessed Leonard of Porto Maurizio (ca. 1797)

The Capuchins of the Convento di San Girolamo commissioned this altarpiece from Annibale Beni, who painted it in Rome.  It depicts the Franciscan Leonard of Porto Maurizio holding a crucifix: he had been beatified in 1796 and was subsequently canonised in 1867.

Frescoes (1828-9)

Annibale Beni executed these frescoes in the baptistery of San Giovanni Battista.  They include depictions of:
  1. the symbols of the Evangelists (on the far left);

  2. the beheading of St John the Baptist (on the left);

  3. St John the Baptist in the desert (on the right, illustrated here); and

  4. the Cardinal Virtues: Faith; Hope; and Charity (on the far right). 

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