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Pietro Paolo Baldinacci (died after 1549)

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Pietro Paolo Baldinacci in:  Gubbio     Gualdo Tadino

Pietro Paolo Baldinacci was born in Gubbio.  Benedetto Nucci, who married his daughter in 1549, might well have begun his training in his workshop.  The two men appear in documents relating to the organ casings in the Duomo (below), although their relative contributions are a matter of debate.  The only securely documented work by Pietro Paolo Baldinacci (albeit again with a collaborator) is a processional standard in Santa Croce della Foce (below).


Processional Standard (1517-21)

This two-sided standard in Santa Croce della Foce (on the 2nd altar on the left) is the documented work of Pietro Paolo Baldinacci and the otherwise unknown “maesto Silvio”.  Each side depicts the cross of the Crucifixion with SS Ubaldus, Peter Martyr and Mary Magdalene and members of the Confraternita di Santa Croce della Foce.

Organ Casing (1548-51)

The upper panel of the organ casing on the right of the presbytery of the Duomo depicts the arms of Bishop Marcello Corvino, and his name is inscribed underneath it.  In 1548, the canons commissioned the Flemish master, “REGINALDUS LESICHIUS DE CRANDIS” to construct the organ itself. 
  1. Giacomo and Girolamo Maffei received payments for the organ casing and associated choir in 1548-51.  

  2. Pietro Paolo Baldinacci and Benedetto Nucci are documented in relation to its painted panels (ca. 1549).  These are probably:

  3. those in the cimasa, which depict the arms of Bishop Marcello Corvino and two reclining angels; and

  4. those at the bases of the columns to the sides of the organ, each of which depicts a personification of a Virtue.

The organ by Lesichius no longer survives: Bishop Vincenzo Massi commissioned the present organ from Angelo Morettini in 1833. 

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