Key to Umbria: Assisi

Santo Stefano (12th century)

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This tiny Romanesque church was already a parish church in 1166.  According to tradition, its bells spontaneously rang when St Francis died in 1226. 

The facade shows evidence of the enlargement of the church at an unknown point in time.  A window that seems to be of the same date as the portal was subsequently closed: the fresco that was then pained here has been lost.


The interior, which has a single nave articulated by four brick arches and a beamed roof, was restored in 1963.

Madonna and Child with (14th century)

This fresco in the 1st bay of the left wall is very damaged and the faces have been repainted.  It depicts of the Madonna and Child with SS Francis and Stephen and donors.

Fresco fragment (16th century)

The surviving upper part of this fresco of the Crucifixion in the 2nd bay of the left wall is attributed to Dono Doni.

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