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Oratorio di San Rufinuccio (14th century)

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The oratory, which was dedicated to St Rufinus of Arce, belonged to the Confraternita di San Rufinuccio.  It was first documented in 1348. 

Art from the Oratory

The following frescoes, which were detached from the oratory in 1955, are now in the Museo Diocesano

Scenes from the Passion (1340s ?)

These frescoes are attributed to Puccio Capanna.  

  1. The central fresco depicts the Crucifixion with the Virgin and St John the Evangelist to the sides and SS Mary Magdalene and Francis at the foot of the Cross.

  2. The other two scenes depict:

  3. the Flagellation of Christ; and

  4. the Lamentation.

Frescoes (14th century)


These two frescoes  are attributed to Pace di Bartolo:

  1. The better preserved depicts the Madonna and Child flanked by two angels, each of which commends a donor.  

  2. The other, which depicts the head of Christ and that of an angel, was probably part of a representation of the agony of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. 

[A fresco (14th century) by Cola Petruccioli [subject ???] has been detached from the brick shrine above the portal.  Where is it now ??]  

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