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Vincenzo Giorgetti (died after 1632)

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Vincenzo Giorgetti in:   Assisi

Vincenzo was the father of the more famous Giacomo Giorgetti.  He was a prominent citizen of Assisi, where he served as a prior in 1622. 

Little is known of his work as an artist:

  1. he seems to have worked with Cesare Sermei and Giorgio Giorgetti in the Chiesa Nuova in ca. 1621 (see below); and

  2. he worked with Cesare Sermei on the frescoes of  Chiesa del Nome di Gesù (also known as the Chiesa de' Matrigiani, now demolished -see Walk III) in 1631.


Work in Chiesa Nuova (ca. 1621)


The decoration of the chapels of the newly built Chiesa Nuova is attributed to a team that seems to have been led by Cesare Sermei and to have included both Vincenzo and Giacomo Giorgetti

Works here that are attributed specifically to Vincenzo Giorgetti include:

  1. the frescoes of the Cappella di Sant Antonio, which comprise

  2. those on the walls (illustrated above), which depict two scenes of of martyrdom of groups of Franciscans:

  3. -the beheading of seven Franciscans in Ceuta (now a Spanish enclave near Morocco) in 1227, on the left; and

  4. -the crucifixion of 26 men (Franciscan and Jesuit missionaries and their converts) at Nagasaki, Japan in 1597, on the right;

  5. those in the lunettes depict:

  6. -SS James of the Marches and Bernardino of Siena;

  7. -SS Bonaventure and Louis of Toulouse; and

  8. -SS James of Capistrano and Albert of Sarteano; and 

  9. the altarpiece in the Cappella di San Bernardino da Siena (illustrated here), which depicts St Bernardino of Siena and other Franciscan saints.

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