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Palazzo Gazzoli (1795)

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Cardinal Luigi Gazzoli built this palace to a design by the Roman architect Andrea Vici The rooms of the piano nobile contain frescoes by Liborio Coccetti.

The wall opposite the palace, which was originally across an internal courtyard, led to the gardens and stables. 

The family chapel is to the right of the palace.  The Gazzoli arms are above the portal: the inscription below records the date 1795.

The main fabric of the palace was arranged around an internal colonnaded courtyard. 

Remains found in the courtyard during a recent restoration probably belonged to the Roman baths. 

Fragments of detached Roman mosaic are now displayed in the portico.

Palazzo Gazzoli housed the Pinacoteca Comunale in the period 2000-8.

Frescoes (18th century)

The frescoes of mythological scenes on the ceilings of two rooms of the piano nobile (the Sale di Apollo and the Sala dell' Aurora) are attributed to Liborio Coccetti.

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