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The museum occupies five rooms on the upper floor of Palazzo del Seminario.

One section is devoted to modern religious art.

It is closed for restoration (at January 2009).

It is described on the site of Musei Ecclesiastici Umbri.

[I think that the following are now in the Museum]

Circumcision of Christ (1560)

This altarpiece, which is signed by Livio Agresti and dated by inscription, came from the now-demolished nunnery of Santa Monica.  It was commissioned in 1555 by Domina Nunziangela, three years before she entered the nunnery.  It was moved to the Duomo when the nunnery was suppressed in 1747.  It was restored in 2009.

Madonna and Child with saints (1568)

This altarpiece is signed "I. Mart: Stella. Brabandinus Bruxellensis" (he otherwise unknown Johann Marten Stellaert) of Brussels) and dated by inscription.  It depicts:
  1. the Madonna and Child in glory with musical angels; and

  2. SS Sylvester, John the Baptist, John the Evangelist and Aloysius below. 

The altarpiece was documented in the Duomo in 1872 and later moved into storage.  It emerged in 1987 and was restored in 2009.  

Agony in the Garden (ca. 1630)

This altarpiece by Francesco Cincinnato was moved from the church of Santa Maria del Cassero in 1841 to an altar in the Duomo that belonged (like the church) to the Confraternita del SS Sacramento. 

Miracle of St Cassius (1680)

This panel, which depicts a miracle that happened when the relics of St Cassius were returned to Narni in 1679, is attributed to Girolamo Troppa.

Praying Virgin (17th century)

Bishop Cardinal Francesco Angelo Rapaccioli probably commissioned this panel, which is attributed to Sassoferrato.

Resurrection of Lazarus (17th century)

This panel is attributed to Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, il Guercino.

Baptism of Christ (ca. 1730)

This panel from the Baptismal Chapel in the Duomo is attributed to Agostino Masucci.

Annunciation (18th century)

This panel is attributed to Agostino Masucci.

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