Key to Umbria: Spello

In 2005, the remains of five rooms that probably belonged to the central part of a villa or public building were discovered in the car park outside Porta Consolare.  Only two of the rooms were completely excavated, one of which has a well- preserved mosaic floor made up of white, pink and black tesserae arranged in geometric patterns, with birds in octagons at the corners. 

The second room also has a polychrome mosaic floor (illustrated above) of some 140 square meters:

  1. In the  central scene, a nude man on the left pours wine from an amphora on his shoulders into a cup held by a similar figure on the right, while spilt wine is collected in a krater below. 

  1. Male figures placed symmetrically around it probably represent the seasons or the pastoral life.

  1. Oval “cushions” towards the edges frame figures of animals or birds.

The mosaics and the other objects found here seem to date to the early 4th century AD.

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Domus di Sant’ Anna (early 4th century AD)

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