Key to Rome


So-called Altar of Domitius Ahenobarbus (1st century BC): from Rome. now in the Louvre Museum, Paris (from Wikipedia)

Rome from Aeneas to Augustus  

Roman Pre-History 

This chapter describes the myths that related to the period from Aeneas’ arrival in Italy after the fall of Troy until Romulus’ foundation of Rome.

Regal Period (traditionally 753 - 509 BC)

This chapter addresses:

  1. our earliest material evidence for the importance of the urban settlement at Rome in the 6th century BC, the period that ended with the revolution that led to the establishment of the Roman Republic; and

  2. the view that the writers of our earliest surviving literary evidence took of this city and its culture. 

Rome in the Early Republic (509 - 241 BC)

This chapter describes the phases in which the Romans developed: 

  1. the political and religious structures of the Republic in the period before the First Punic War; and

  2. the urban structure of early Republican Rome.

Roman Conquest of Italy (509 - 241 BC) 

This chapter describes the phases in which the Romans: 

  1. extended their hegemony over the whole of peninsular Italy in the period from the establishment of the Republic to the outbreak of the First Punic War; and

  2. incorporated the conquered peoples and their territories into the Roman state.

Foreign Wars (3rd century BC)

This chapter describes the Romans first wars with non-Italian enemies in two sections:

  1. Prior events:

  2. Persian Emperors (Cyrus II - Xerxes I);

  3. Macedonian Kings (Alexander I - Alexander the Great and the Diadochi; and

  4. Italian foreign wars: (338 - 282 BC); 

  5. the war in Southern Italy, including the Pyrhhic Wars (290 - 275 BC);

  6. the First Punic War (264 - 241 BC); 

  7. the wars in Cisalpine Gaul, Istrya and Illyrium (225 - 218 BC); and

  8. the Second Punic War (218 - 201 BC).

  9. Roman Italy (2nd Century BC)

This chapter describes e how the Romans exerted their hegemony over peninsular Italy and spread their influence around the Mediterranean in the period from the end of the Hannibalic War until the Social War.

Rome (1st century BC)

This chapter describes the events at Rome from the Social War to the death of Augustus in 14 AD.  

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