Key to Umbria: Perugia

Roman Amphitheatre (1st century AD) 

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Fresco (late 15th century) by Benedetto Bonfigli
showing Totila's army camped in the ruins of
the Roman amphitheatre outside Porta Marzia
Cappella dei Priori, now part of Galleria Nazionale

According to tradition, Totila's army set up its camp in the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre when it laid siege to Perugia in 549.  There was another tradition that Palazzo della Penna stood on the site of this amphitheatre, and excavations in 1980 unearthed remains that suggest that this was indeed the case.

Remains in Palazzo della Penna

This curved structure excavated on the floor below the current ground level could be part of the corridor around an amphitheatre.

These nearby remains seem to be part of a Roman road.

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