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Pellegrino di Giovanni di Antonio was the son of a Florentine resident of Perugia.  He was documented on a number of occasions in Perugia from 1408, and became treasurer of the painter’s guild in 1428.  Following his early death in 1437, his workshop passed to his pupil, Mariano d’ Antonio.

Apart from a single securely attributed work (see below): 

  1. a panel depicting St Michael in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is attributed to him; and

  2. the following documented works have been lost:

  3. a panel (1427) for San Francesco al Prato;

  4. work carried out for the Ospedale di Santa Maria della Misericordia in 1434; and

  5. a panel (1435) for Giovanni di Martino Bontempi for the Cappella degli Angeli of San Domenico

The catalogue of the Galleria Nazionale attributes the panels from a triptych (early 15th century) from the Franciscan Convento di Farneto that are now in Room 7 to Pellegrino di Giovanni.  However, this attribution is rejected by Maria Rita Silvestrelli and by Cristina Galassi, both referenced below: they both retain the more generic attribution of these panels to the Maestro del Farneto. 


Madonna and Child (1428)

This panel from the Cappella degli Apostoli of San Domenico, which is signed by Pellegrino di Giovanni and dated 1428 (‘PEREGRINUS PINSIT MCC [C] C XXVIII’), is his only securely attributed work.  It contains the arms of  Nicolò di Giovanni di Benedetto di Giovanni, who presumably commissioned it.  It probably formed part of a triptych or polyptych.   The panel was moved to a small church at Vaiano, some 35 km from Perugia in the 18th century and sold to the Victoria & Albert Museum, London in 1860.

In the panel, the Virgin is seated on a throne that is covered with vegetation and surrounded by angels, with the naked baby Jesus on her lap.  The panel retains the upper part of what seems to be its original frame, with a small figure of King David in the pinnacle above.

The figure of the Madonna and Child was modelled on the panel (ca. 1405) of the Madonna and Child by Gentile da Fabriano from San Domenico, which is now in the Galleria Nazionale.

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Pellegrino di Giovanni (died 1437)

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