Key to Umbria: Perugia

Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo (1472-81)

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This palace seems to stand directly above the site of the prison in which St Francis was held as a prisoner of war in 1202. 

[Describe the need for the new palace for the Capitano del Popolo and his status at this point in time.] 

Gasparino di Antonio and Leone di Matteo designed the new Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo as an imposing three-storey building along the edge of Piazza del Sopramura, to the left of the arcade of shops (above).

  1. The Renaissance portal, which is based on that of the Palazzo dei Priori, has a figure of Justice in the lunette and an inscription “Iustitiae virtutum domina” (Lady of the virtue of justice).  Two griffins are to the sides, one eating a calf and the other eating a goat.  The official Perugian measures are inscribed on a relief to the left of it.

  1. The elegant Loggia del Banditore to the right of the portal was used for public proclamations. 

  1. The middle storey contains four elegant before windows decorated with reliefs of human and animal heads.  The commissioning the work specified that its windows should be based on those of the Collegio del Cambio.  (The original windows of the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo survive, but those of the college were subsequently replaced.) 
  2. The present third storey replaced the taller original after an earthquake in 1741. 

This building now houses the Tribunale di Perugia (the Perugian law courts and associated offices).

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