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Palaces of the Rossi Scotti Family

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Palazzo Rossi Scotti (17th century)

This palace stands on the foundations of the sustaining wall of Fortezza di Porta Sole in what is now Piazza Rossi Scotti. 

Giovanni Battista Rossi Scotti (died 1926), one of the founders of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, had his important collection here, but it was unfortunately dispersed after his death. 

A bar was recently (2013) opened in the  lovely “hanging” garden  behind the palace, the so-called Giardino dell’ Usignolo (garden  of the nightingale). 

Palazzo Rossi Scotti Mescolini (17th century)

The Mescolini family built this palace (13 Corso Cavour), which subsequently passed to the Rossi Scotti family.  Luigi and Lemmo, brothers of the more famous Count Giovanni Battista Rossi Scotti, lived here with their mother in the 19th century, when the palace housed an important art collection that included works by Perugino and Raphael.  The palace is now split into apartments.

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