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Cristoforo Gasperi, who was born in Magione, moved to Perugia at an early age and was apprenticed to Giacinto Boccanera.  Bishop Francesco Riccardo Ferniani then arranged a grant for him so that he could study in Rome.  He returned to Perugia before 1750 and established a career there.


Altarpieces (ca. 1745)

Cristoforo Gasperi apparently sent two altarpiece from Rome to Perugia for Sant’ Angelo in Porta Eburnea:

  1. SS Michael, Ursula and Francis di Sales, for the high altar; and

  2. the Madonna and Child with SS Lucy and Apollonia

[Are they still there ?]

Trinity and St Francis di Sales (1788)

This altarpiece by Cristoforo Gasperi in Santo Spirito depicts God the Father, Christ and a dove representing the Holy Spirit, with St Francis di Sales enthroned below.  Two Franciscan Minims who were beatified in 1788 kneel to the sides of the throne: Gaspare da Valenza; and Leonardo de Longobardis.  (These saints were canonised in 1826).

Panels (18th century)


The following panels in the Chiesa della Morte, are attributed to Cristoforo Gasperi:

  1. St Francis and an angel (on the right wall of the chapel on the left); and

  2. St Vincent Ferrer preaching (to the right of the crucifix above the altar of this chapel).

Panels (18th century)

These panels in Santa Maria di Colle, which are attributed to Cristoforo Gasperi, depict:

  1. the Nativity (in the 1st bay on the left);

  2. the Birth of the Virgin (in the 1st bay on the right);

  3. the Crucifixion (in the 2nd bay on the left); and

  4. the Madonna and Child, set on a hillside (in the 2nd bay on the right);

  5. the Communion of St Peter (in the 3rd bay on the left); and

  6. Pentecost (in the 3rd bay on the right).

This setting of the Madonna and Child above was a reference to the dedication of the church, which probably derives from Proverbs 8:25, “Before the mountains had been shaped, before the hills, I was brought forth”.  The panel was raised each year on the Feast of the Birth of the Virgin (8th September) to reveal a venerated statue of the Virgin. [Are they still here?]

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Cristoforo Gasperi (1716-1804)

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