Key to Umbria: Perugia

9th Century

Perugia was named in the donation of the Emperor Louis I in 817. 

10th Century

Bishop Ruggiero translated the relics of St Herculanus from the Abbazia di San Pietro to the Domo of San Lorenzo in ca. 936.

In 964, Bishop Onesto gave San Pietro to St Peter Vincioli. 

11th Century

The first of many documented disputes between canons of the Duomo and their bishop occurred in 1036, when two imperial legates (Adalberto and Everardo) of the Emperor Conrad II arbitrated in a dispute between Bishop Andrea and the Archpriest Leone Bovo.  As a result, Bishop Andrea recognised the canons’ ownership of all the properties that had been the subject  of dispute between them in the previous three years.   (The arbitration took place “erga ecclesia vocabulo Sancti Stefano” (near the church of Santo Stefano).  The church in question was probably Santo Stefano Castellare, which was later documented as a parish church owned by the canons.

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Perugia in the 9th - 11th Centuries

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