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San Bernardo (date?)

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The Giardino di San Bernardo contains the scant remains of the Cistercian nunnery of San Bernardo, which was demolished in the 19th century. 

[Early history]

Cardinal Giuseppe Sacripante restored the nunnery after the earthquake of 1703.

Nicolò Maria Sacripante financed further restoration in 1735.

The nuns ceded part of the nunnery to the Commune in 1892 for use as a school.  The complex was subsequently demolished.

Art from the Church

Scenes from the Life of St Benedict (1739)

These four lunette-shaped panels, which are attributed to Agostino Masucci, which came from the church of San Bernardo, are now in the bookshop of the Pinacoteca.  They depict:
  1. St Benedict welcoming a young novice (St Maurus or St Placidus) to his monastery (illustrated here) ;

  2. St Benedict liberating a prisoner (also illustrated here);

  3. Totila’s visit to St Benedict; and

  4. the death of St Benedict.

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