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Blessed Lucy of Narni (15th November)

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Lucy Broccadelli was born in Narni, and lived in a house in Via Gattamelata (see Walk I).  She decided upon a religious life while she was still a child.  Although she agreed under pressure to marry, she made her husband agree that the marriage should remain unconsummated.  When her marriage broke down, she became a Dominican tertiary at Viterbo and it was there that she received the stigmata in 1496.  This led to an investigation by the Inquisition, and she was finally vindicated in 1499 by Pope Alexander VI, who took advice on the matter from the Blessed Colomba of Rieti.

Later in 1499, Duke Ercole I d' Este installed Lucy at a new convent dedicated to St Catherine of Siena, which he built at Ferrara.  However, when Ercole died in 1505, she was deposed from her position as Prioress and spent her remaining years in obscurity.  She died in Ferrara 1544.

Cardinal Giuseppe Sacripante began the campaign for her beatification in 1710, and succeeded in obtaining the confirmation of her cult for Narni and Viterbo.  As part of this campaign, he re-dedicated his chapel in San Giovenale as the Cappella della Beata Lucia.

The church (1741) of the Ospedale della Beata Lucia di Narni is also dedicated to her.


In 1548, the body of the Blessed Lucy was exhumed and placed in a glass reliquary in Santa Caterina, Ferrara.  After her beatification in 1710, Cardinal Giuseppe Sacripante obtained part of her relics and translated them to his chapel in San Giovenale.  Santa Caterina was suppressed in 1797 and the remaining relics of the Blessed Lucy were transferred to the Duomo there.  In 1935, at the request of Bishop Cesare Boccoleri of Terni and Narni, the rest of her relics were returned to Narni and are now house in a reliquary on the altar of the chapel dedicated to her in San Giovenale. 

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