Key to Umbria: Massa Martana

Santa Maria della Pace (1521-89)

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the Commune of Massa Martana

The Commune built this octagonal church to house a venerated fresco of the Madonna and Child (see below) that had previously been housed in an roadside tabernacle.  It subsequently passed to Franciscan tertiaries, who built the second storey of the church and (in 1595-8) its cupola.  One side of the octagon was opened in 1630 for the construction of a presbytery to house the high altar.

The Franciscans built the adjoining convent in 1604-47.

Madonna del Latte with Saints (15th century)

This venerated fresco, which is attributed to Bartolomeo da Miranda, was originally in a wayside tabernacle until this church was built to house it.  Andrea Polinari restored the fresco in 1603 and it now forms the altarpiece of the high altar.  It depicts the Madonna and Child with SS John the Baptist and James.

Frescoes in the Cupola (1647-9)

These frescoes by Giovanni Antonio Polinori depict scenes from the Old and New Testaments.

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