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San Filippo Neri (1646-7)

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Bishop Alessandro Sperelli was responsible for the establishment of the Oratorian Fathers in Gubbio.  He laid the foundation stone of this church in 1646, it was consecrated in 1647 and the Oratorian Fathers moved here in 1649.  [An inscription on the facades records that the church was re-modelled in 1739.]

In 1783, the complex passed to the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (an order that St Alphonsus Maria de' Liguori had founded in 1732).  This community exchanged locations with the Confraternita del Suffragio at Santa Maria del Prato in 1832.

The church was restored and entrusted to the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre in 2010 (as described in the website of the Diocesi di Gubbio). 


The apse and high altar were restored in 1827, when the relics of the obscure St Ticridina were moved here.  (Bishop Sebastiano Pompeo Bonaventura (1690-1706) had acquired them in Rome and brought them to Gubbio, and they were in the chapel of Palazzo Toschi Mosca before their translation to San Filippo).

St Philip Neri (18th century)

The altarpiece on the high altar, which is attributed to Giacinto Boccanera, depicts St Philip Neri converting to Jews to Christianity during Mass at Santa Maria in Vallicella, Rome.  It suffered some repainting in the 19th century.  It was removed from the church in ca. 1940 but returned after restoration in 2010.

St Joseph and the baby Jesus (ca. 1784)

This altarpiece by Giuseppe Reposati replaced the altarpiece (1655) of St Ursula (below) on the altar on the right in ca. 1784.  It depicts St Joseph and the baby Jesus, with SS Theresa  of Avila and Cajetan  of Thiene (Gaetano dei Conti di Tiene, one of the the founders of the Theatines).

Martyrdom of St Constantius (ca. 1652-4)

The Barzi family of Perugia commissioned this altarpiece from Francesco Allegrini for their altar on the left wall.  It depicts the martyrdom of this patron saint of Perugia.

St Anne (date ?)

Bishop Ottavio Angelelli (died 1809) brought this statue here from the decaying church of Sant’ Anna degli Armeni, which a community of Armenian pilgrims had built in the early 14th century near the road to the Bottaccione reservoir.

Art from the Church

Martyrdom of St Ursula (ca. 1655-7)

The Armanni family commissioned this altarpiece from Francesco Allegrini for their altar on the right wall.   It was transferred to Sant’ Agostino in 1784 and  passed to the Comune di Gubbio in ca. 1860.  It was moved to the Basilica di Sant’ Ubaldo in 1919 and is now in the 3rd bay on the right.  The altarpiece depicts the saint as a princess carrying a swirling banner and the palm of martyrdom, with her martyred companions in the background. 


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