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Orlando Merlini (died 1510)

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Orlando Merlini in:  Gubbio   

Orlando Merlini, who was born in Perugia, became a citizen of Gubbio in 1504.  The following signed works survive:

  1. two in the Duchy of Urbino:

  2. a panel (1501) of the Coronation of the Virgin with saints from Macerata Feltri, now in the Galleria Nazionale, Urbino;

  3. a fresco (1503) of the Madonna and Child with saints in Albacina;

  4. a fragment of a fresco (1506) of the Annunciation in Santa Maria della Ghea a Purello, Fossato di Vico; and

  5. a fresco (1507) of St Lucy in Santa Maria, Ferentillo.

A number of works in Gubbio are attributed to him.


Madonna and Child with angels (late 15th century)

This fresco in San Secondo (on the 2nd altar on the left) is attributed This  fresco on the 2nd altar on the left is attributed alternatively to Bernardino di Nanni dell’ Eugenia or Orlando Merlini.  The angels to the sides of the Virgin, which were added in the 18th century, are attributed to Giacinto Boccanera.

Crucifixion (ca. 1500)

This fresco in a large niche in the apse of Santa Maria della Vittoria is attributed to Orlando Merlini.  It depicts Crucifixion with the Virgin and St John the Evangelist, with God the Father above and figures of saints to the sides. 

Maestà del Voltone (ca. 1500)

This fragment of a fresco of the Madonna and Child enthroned with angels is in the “Voltone” of Palazzo Ducale.  A degree of over-painting was removed in a recent restoration, and it is now attributed to Orlando Merlini.

SS Ubaldus and Augustine (ca. 1503)

This fresco fragment in situ the wall of the Sala d’ Arengo (now part of the Pinacoteca Civica) depicts SS Ubaldus and Augustine jointly holding a banner with the arms of Gubbio.  A lost inscription recorded the fact that this was in celebration of the liberation of the city from Cesare Borgia and the return of Guidobaldo da Montefeltro in 1503, on the 28th August, the feast of St Augustine.  It is attributed to Orlando Merlini.

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