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Maestro di Cesi (early 14th century)

Probably from Spoleto or Cesi

The Cesi Dossal (1308), which is one of the few works of art in Umbria in the early 14th century that bears a date, was probably painted for the church San Michele Arcangelo.  This dossal, which is now in the Museo Parrocchiale, is the autograph work of the so-called Maestro di Cesi.

Tommaso Bernabei, il Papacello (died 1559)

From Cortona

A fresco (ca. 1538) of the Madonna and Child, which was originally part of a larger composition, was detached from the left wall of Santa Maria Assunta in 1922 and moved to its current location, in a room off the sacristy.  It is probably the fresco by il Papacello that was documented in 1540, when Giovanni Battista Caporali and il Papacello were contracted to “correct” such a work, for which payment was still outstanding.

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Bartolomeo Barbiani (died 1645)

From Montepulciano

An altarpiece (17th century) in Santa Maria Assunta, which depicts the Crucifixion with SS John the Evangelist and Charles Borromeo, is by Bartolomeo Barbiani.

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Girolamo Troppa (died after 1710)

From Sabina , based in Rome

The altarpiece (17th century) on the high altar of Santa Maria Assunta, which depicts the Assumption of the Virgin, is  attributed to Girolamo Troppa.

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