Key to Umbria: Amelia

Teatro Sociale (1783)

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A group of private citizens of Amelia commissioned the local architect, Conte Stefano Cansacchi to design this theatre. 

Its elliptical interior, which is made completely from wood, influenced the design of the Fenice Theatre, Venice (1790).  The stalls are arranged on the sloping floor, while boxes fill the walls.  Domenico Bruschi (see the link below) was commissioned to redecorate the theatre in 1880-6, and this work still survives. 

The theatre  was restored in 2006.  This site contains information about the current programme.

Siege of Amelia (1880)

This image by Domenico Bruschi on the fire curtain depicts the siege of Amelia.  (This siege is often erroneously attributed to the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa, although it was actually the work of his grandson, the Emperor Frederick II).

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