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Santa Monica (17th century)

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This baroque church, which is dedicated to the mother of St Augustine, belonged to the adjacent convent of Augustinian nuns. 

The side entrance conserves the apse of a much earlier building.  The complex was in restoration in May 2011.


Virgin protecting Amelia (16th century)

This interesting fresco in the space entered by the door at the side of the church is attributed to Litardo Piccioli.  It depicts the Madonna and Child with angels, seated in clouds above a cityscape of Amelia.

Coronation of the Virgin (1642)

This altarpiece in a niche on the right, which is signed by Bartolomeo Barbiani and dated by inscription, depicts Christ and God the Father crowning the Virgin, with SS Nicholas of Tolentino, Thomas of Villanova, Clare of Montefalco and Monica below.

Frescoes in the Vaults (18th century)

These perspectival frescoes, which depict angels carrying the symbols of the Augustinian Order, are attributed to Francesco Appiani and Pietro Carattoli.

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