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Francesco Trevisani was born in Capodistria, near Trieste, which was then part of the Venetian Empire.  He trained in Venice before moving to Rome in ca. 1678.  He established a successful career there, and remained there until his death.

His students included Francesco Appiani and Ludovico Mazzanti.


Communion of the Apostles (ca. 1737)

This important altarpiece by Francesco Trevisani, which remains on the high altar of Santa Maria di Betlem, has been recently restored.


Annunciation (1710)

This altarpiece on the altar of the Cappella dell’ Annunciazione, San Filippo Neri  (the 1st chapel on the left) is by Francesco Trevisani.

Martyrdom of St Andrew (ca. 1708)

This panel in the Galleria Nazionale, which is a copy by Francesco Trevisani of the panel that he painted before 1708 for the presbytery of Sant’ Andrea delle Fratte, Rome, came from the Carattoli Collection.

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Francesco Trevisani (1656-1746)  

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