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Baldassarre Croce, who was probably born in Bologna, was first there recorded in 1575.  He moved to rome and was enrolled in the Accademia di S Luca in 1581.  He worked under Girolamo Muziano and Cesare Nebbia on the decoration of the Galleria delle Carte Geografiche in the Vatican palace in 1580-3.  Most of his other known works are in Rome.


Works in Santa Maria degli Angeli

Baldassarre Croce worked in two chapels in Santa Maria degli Angeli in ca. 1602:

Work in the Cappella della Deposizione

Ventura Salimbeni seems to have begun  the decoration of this chapel the Breccia-Vigilanti family.  Work here that is attributed to Baldassarre Croce includes:

  1. a fresco in the vaults that depicts St Clare taking the habit, which was designed by Ventura Salimbeni; and

  1. the altarpiece depicting the Deposition of Christ from the cross.

Work in the Cappella di San Pio V

The frescoes in this chapel, which are attributed to Baldassarre Croce (although some have been over-painted), depict:
  1. scenes from the life of the Virgin (in the vaults); and

  2. scenes from the life of St Francis (on the walls), including a depiction of the granting of the Portiuncula Indulgence on the right wall (illustrated here). 


Miracle of St Martin (early 17th century)

This panel in was recorded on an altar in the Duomo that was dedicated to St Martin of Tours in 1728, in a document that also recorded the artist as “Baldassarre Bolognese” and the patron as Giustiniano Orfini, Cameriere Secreto (gentleman-in-waiting) to Pope Pius V.  This altar was among those that were destroyed in 1771, at which point the altarpiece was moved to the Cappella del SS Sacramento.  It is now on in the Museo Diocesano.

The panel depicts St Martin reviving from the dead a catechumen (a young man studying in preparation for baptism) so that he could be baptised.

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Baldassarre Croce (died 1628)  

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