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Nicola (Cola) da Capraroli is documented as a “magister faber lignarius” (master woodworker) on the team led by Antonio da Sangallo il Vecchio that built the fortresses of Cività Castellana (1494) and Nepi (1499).  He worked in Todi (1508-12) and in Foligno (1512-15) - both projects are described below.  He was documented in relation to work for Agostino Chigi on the Rocca at Porto Ercole in 1518, and was appointed as its castellan in 1519.


Work of the Duomo (1512-5)

In 1512, Cola da Caprarola was commissioned to remodel the Duomo, which involved the construction of a new right transept in order to achieve a Latin cross floor plan.  A vault collapsed in 1513, and Cola was required to remedy the damage at his own expense.  He was documented in relation to this project until 1515.  (The project passed to Antonio da Sangallo il Giovane in 1517).


Work at Santa Maria della Consolazione (1508-12)

Cola da Caprarola is documented in relation to Santa Maria della Consolazione from 1508, at the start of the project, until 1512.  He is sometimes named in the associated documents as the architect, but nothing in his known career suggests that he could have designed the church.

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Cola di Matteuccio da Caprarola (died after 1519)  

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