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San Bartolomeo (14th century) 

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Nothing is known about the early history of this small church and nunnery, which stand on foundations provided by the inner walls of Trevi.  It is documented in 1385 as "San Bartolomeo o dei sacchi", suggesting that the nuns followed a rule of poverty and were thus probably Poor Clares.

The complex was in private hands in 1495, when a small community of women managed to acquire it and reinstate it as a nunnery.  They established an orphanage here in  1796, and this subsequently became a secular institution.  

The complex was subsequently adapted to form apartments. 

Two  frescoes  survive:

  1. The damaged fresco (early 15th century) of the Annunciation on the facade of the ex-church is attributed to the Maestro della Dormitio di Terni.  It was restored and covered in 1999 and finally protected in a way that allows it to be seen in 2002. 

  1. A fresco (16th century) of the Crucifixion with SS Emilianus, Mary Magdalene and others, which is attributed to Fabio Angelucci da Mevale, was re-discovered on what seems to have been the altar wall during recent work on the property.  (It is visible in front of you if the door happens to be open).

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