Key to Umbria: Trevi

Palazzo Comunale (1522-6) and

Torre del Comune (13th century) 

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A pubic palace on this site (to the left in this photograph) was first documented in 1273.  It was rebuilt in 1522-6 and re-modelled after the earthquake of 1703.  The windows on the upper storey were added at various times in the 16th century, and the balcony dates to 1635.  The interior was extensively restored after the earthquake of 1703.

The trapezoidal Torre del Comune to the right of the palace, which is the emblem of the city, was lowered in 1420 by Corrado Trinci during his occupation of the town.  The Commune restored it to its original height in 1429.  Its bells and clock were moved to the campanile of Sant’ Emiliano in 1461 when the tower threatened to collapse.  It was restored in 1462-4 and its new bell was installed in 1522.  It owes its present appearance to another restoration in 1691.

The buildings to the right of the Torre del Comune stand on the site of the medieval Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo. 

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