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Maestro del Crocifisso di Trevi (early 14th century)

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Maestro del Crocifisso in:  Trevi

This unknown artist, who seems to have been a follower of Giotto, is named for a Crucifix (early 14th century) in San Francesco, Trevi (see below).


Crucifix (early 14th century)

This artist is named for this painted Crucifix, which still hangs in the apse of San Francesco.   Given its early date, this Crucifix must have been commissioned for the Franciscans’ earlier church.

The image depicts the suffering Christ on the cross, with

  1. the Risen Christ and two angels above;

  2. half-length figures of the Virgin and St John the Evangelist to the sides; and

  3. St Francis below, kissing the feet of Christ, kneeling on a buried skull.

Detached fresco (early 14th century)

This fresco from the nunnery of Santa Croce, which is now on the wall at the entrance to the Pinacoteca, is also attributed to him.  It depicts the Crucifixion, with the Madonna and Child on the left and the Annunciation on the right.

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